Submission Guidelines /criteria

Durban Casbah, Culture & Heritage: Community Blog

Introduction: Our aim is to record history related to Durban, with a focus on culture and heritage, and to engage with the community in the digital and print media, using WordPress and Facebook as a starting point.

The group was conceptualised at the beginning of September 2014, the face book chapter was launched on the 5th of the same month. We achieved a membership of 1000 in one month.

Readership & Audience

Our target audience is related, but not limited to the Face Book group Durban Casbah, Culture & Heritage, and is in excess of 1000 members at this stage with more readers joining on a daily basis. Since our admins include members who work with organisations such as SAHO South African History Online, and Cartoonists and journalists, writing articles for newspapers, and authors of books as well as artists, the subject matter is not limited to the digital and web framework.

Article length

We would like the articles to be 1000 – 2000 words. If you have more information to contribute, please consider doing a two or three part submission. Label them as such e.g:

Grey Street Mosque- Part One. Grey Street Mosque – Part Two etc

Font style and size

Please use the Arial Narrow Font and font size 10.


Submissions are voluntary, and articles may be edited.

Referencing Style

Authors are encouraged to use their personal knowledge. If you do so; then it should be stated as such at the end

of the article. E.g. The information above is the authors own thoughts and ideas, having:-   lived,,,; been part of,,,,,; been involved in …..; visiting….. or listening to accounts of oral history passed down from…..

Factual accounts and quotes should follow standard referencing. In text quotes will be in inverted commas, with authors name in text, e.g. “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Freidrich Nietzsche.

A reference list should be included at the very end of the article. Please include the URL’s uniform resource locator, of online articles researched and referenced. You may call it “references” or if you use numbering or bullets, you can call it a “reference list.”

Avoid cut/copy and paste, rather rewrite the sentence or paragraph using your own words and grammar, as this is considered unethical practice.

Picutres Some relevant picture’s are allowed, but are by no means absolutely necessary.

Expect comments.

Criticism may follow but members will be discouraged from being rude and disrespectful or insulting. Hate speech will be deleted, be it racial, religious, gender based or any other form that is likely to cause harm.


We will encourage those who have serious problems with any article to rather write a response article,

where your views are clearly stated.

Abstain from personal attacks on others, as this will be summarily deleted.

The readers will be free to decide whom they agree with or not.


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