Social Media Story telling. A Great Way To Record History and Culture

Since the dawn of time, people have been telling

stories. In caves we find stories of the hunt depicted

on walls in a visual record, but these accounts

probably were recounted around the campfires first.


The combination of social media and story telling is

referred to as social media story telling, and is

growing in popularity.


These stories maybe fiction OR  non fiction. For the

purposes of Durban Casbah, Culture and Heritage, we

are more interested in non-fiction, and are recording

 personal and family histories by guest bloggers;

with cultural significance, which our readers can

identify with, and hopefully enjoy. We expect that

members would be encouraged to become co-

creators of this social media tool to record their

history, which will be shared with DCCH Facebook

group and other associated groups with similar ideals. 



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