“ONCE AGAIN LOVE” Sarita Mathur. (online interview)

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Once Again Love tells the story of  Sarita’s journey towards recovery as she rediscovers the inner peace that love can bring. She emphasizes the transient nature of the ups and downs of life through her “V for Victory” model: Many times we begin life on a high or “up” swing, only to eventually plunge down into the depths of despair as our hopes and dreams seem ever further out of reach. Through the “V” model of thinking, however, Sarita emphasizes the inevitable upward motion of victory, of finding triumph and joy in life once again.

Sarita always considered herself a happy and content individual. However, when she awoke from a routine surgery to correct a painful back ailment, she instantly knew something was very, very wrong. For the first time in her life, Sathur felt depressed, even contemplating suicide at times. Doctors told her that an unforeseen side effect of the surgery had led to severely low serotonin levels in her brain, causing this debilitating state of depression.

Readers will find inspiration, empathy, and encouragement within the pages of

Once Again Love. Mathur helps audiences of all ages find strength within themselves, in part through her “My Own Natural Energy Yields” (MONEY) philosophy. This idea, that an abundance of love and positive energy that resides within oneself will naturally flow outward and attract more of the same, can lead to an immediate increase in overall life fulfillment. Mathur emphasizes the idea that we are not only human beings but spiritual beings as well, beings that feed off the central emotion around which everything else revolves: Love.

Not your typical motivational self-help book, Once Again Love not only contemplates an individual’s reconnection with love and all its power, but also touches upon other global themes such as forgiveness, corruption, selflessness, and sound healing. Through its unique combination of poetry and prose, this book will introduce readers to the metaphysical aspects of life through instances of both science and spirituality.

Sarita Mathur has dedicated herself to a life of helping and healing, becoming a visualization and motivational expert specializing in Reiki and emotional intelligence. Her Reiki CD’s, including “Hand in Hand with Reiki” and “The Caterpillar Has Become a Butterfly,” have become critically acclaimed hits within the healing community. Mathur’s writing has also garnered her worldwide attention. Her experience with depression inspired her to write the poetry prose compilation, Once Again Love.

She was a semi-finalist in the Lentswe Poetry Project and has had poems featured in Unbreaking the Rainbow (an anthology of South African poetry), The Hudson View, and a Haitian-themed poetry anthology. She has also been a guest speaker at the Live Poets Society in Durban, South Africa, featured on the South African television program Eastern Mosaic, and profiled for a newspaper column titled “Women Who Made a Difference.”

  We are spiritual beings living in a physical world.

What connects us to each other are our emotions. Whether rich or poor, young or old, everybody goes through cycles of joy, sorrow as well as the emotions which are between these two.

However, all of us know that we can find “Once Again Love” and we are all capable of “Reconnecting with our  Heart”.

So take heart and live life joyfully and embrace change .There is no time like the present. The present is a gift. Accept  it  and enjoy it.


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