Biography: Sarita Mathur.

I was born and brought up in Delhi ,India.

Studied at a boarding school in exotic Jaipur and later went on to do my Honours in English Literature.

I had the good fortune after marriage to travel and stay in Lagos ,Nigeria where I was part of a book club specializing  in African and Carribean Literature.

This also helped me to get to know about the culture of the place plus meet many authors, poets and sculptors.

I came to South Africa in 1995 and am really happy to be living in this beautiful country (Rainbow Nation).

I taught Reiki and Emotional Intelligence for 10 years as well as sound healing and courses called “The Caterpillar has become a Butterfly”

Also Art therapy with mandalas and infusing reiki symbols in paintings to create peace and good energy.


After my back operation ,I was diagnosed with clinical depression due to anaesthesia and drugs, administered at the time of the operation.

However,Reiki and positive thinking helped me recover quickly after initial consults with a psychiatrist who labelled my depression as a “brain attack”.

I am forever grateful to her as she took the stigma out of the disease ,saying that people with depression need compassion and  “it’s not their fault”

I love Life and feel that the  Life we lead is the result of Love and Relationships.

Good Relationships with ourselves, our world and the people around us bring us abundance.


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