Sibling Loss and the Scars That Wont Heal. By Nanda Soobban.

Sometimes, in spite of everything one achieves in life, there always seem to be a tinge of sadness and regret.
Most people think I must be on cloud nine or doing wheel spins given some of my achievements.
How I wish I could attain that ultimate joy.
I thought I did when I was in a winning football team. That always seemed to be the ultimate joy when I was growing up.
I guess my problem stems from the fact I am still grieving from the death of my two siblings under tragic circumstances in the prime of their lives before the advent of “freedom” and who did not have the same opportunities that I now seem to be getting and which they could only dream of.
After all we shared the same dreams.
I choked and cried during my Doctoral speech, thinking about how proud my brothers would have been to share that moment with me.
Mrs Ela Gandhi who was the Chancellor of the University at that time came over and gave me a glass of water before I started again.

Thank you mam.
I think my Ultimate Joy would be, if I could play football with my brothers again.
I can only dream.


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