Clever Idiots by Nanda Soobben

I don’t know what all the fuss is all about ! I think Verwoerd was very Clever. I also think Hitler, Zuma and Mugabe were very clever.  Well, how do you think they got to where they did without being clever, sly and manipulative !

 On the other hand, I think George W Bush was an Idiot. Well then, how did he get to become President of the most powerful country in the world?  Was it because of his Dick !?  I mean Dick Chaney and the Bush family influence.

Can you really believe that George W Bush actually got through Yale with a BA degree in history.  Yes history, from a guy who couldn’t tell if Africa was a continent or a country or that Tennessee was in Texas !  Better still he went on to get an MBA from Harvard Business School.

This is the guy who was famously quoted as saying, “They Missunderestimated Me” !  He does have the degrees to show, though.  In spite of the accusations of alcoholism and absenteeism.  How much of his family name and money played a part in him getting those degrees.  We might never know !


Coming back to Verwoerd, he could not have become the architect and mastermind of Apartheid if he was not clever!  Allister Sparks was right in saying Verwoerd was clever. He just chose the wrong forum to say it.  He said it at a political conference in a racially divided country.  By saying that a White Supremacist was “clever” it gave the impression that he was singing his praises, even though he was probably right.


A lot of people think that Zuma is stupid, Mugabe is clever and Thabo Mbeki is an intellectual.  I think both Zuma and Mugabe are very clever and manipulative.  We all know how Mugabe became an “Elected Dictator” through clever manipulation !


Zuma on the other hand has not let us down.  We expected the worse when he took over from Mbeki and he has delivered !  It’s not because of his machine gun.  It’s because of his clever manipulation of government institutions to keep him in power and out of jail.  He has the ability to make die hard former anti apartheid activists sit at a press conference and lie with a straight face to cover up for him. A stupid man might not be able to do that.

Having said that, there is a lot of stupidity in his predictability.  There is no subtlety in the way these manipulations are carried out.  You can see right through them !


As far as Thabo Mbeki is concerned I don’t think he is an intellectual.

I think Moletsi Mbeki is an intellectual.

Thabo Mbeki is very intelligent and knowledgeable, but had he been an intellectual he would have been able to deal with the Aids debacle better. He read a lot and was knowledgeable but he could not filter that knowledge that he accumulated to see the right from the wrong.

He had read what the aids denialists were saying, that “HIV does not cause AIDS” and that HIV was a Virus and AIDS was a Syndrome.  A nonsensical statement from a politician without a medical background to be making which cost the lives of thousands of people.

All he did was read what the denialists were saying by absorbing the information, not filtering it and then blurting it out. Had he been an intellectual, he would have been able to filter that knowledge.

To be an intellectual, you need three elements.. intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.  Mbeki had two.  He did not have Wisdom !

 If only all those Politicians were more Wise than Clever !









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