Juggie Pather. PhD. Author Profile

The 79 year Author who was born, educated and lived in Clairwood, has impressive qualifications and experience in both the academic and community development fields.

He has graduated from the University of London (Institute of Education:Dip AVE- Technology), University of Natal(B.A.,Masters and PhD), UNISA (BEd & Dip in Sch Library Sc)) and Springfield College of Education(Diploma TE).

His specialist fields are media and technology, the planning and development of multi-media centres and curriculum development in education and training. He has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and served as a Director in Education Planning. At a national level he made major contributions to policy development in Open Learning Systems, the Use of Radio and TV in education and training, and the development of Media Resource Centres , including museums in South Africa.

He gained experience in writing as a stringer/photo journalist and columnist for local newspapers. In addition he served as an editor of a teacher development journal for a decade. In the motion picture sector he produced a documentary on the history of Indians for the National Film Library. Many of his photographs appear in this current publication. His concurrent Project is the finalisation of two children’s stories that are in the illustration stage.

As a keen photographer and artist he has travelled extensively on scholarships and on vacation.

In the community he serves as Chair of the Chatsworth Education Board and the Community Education Development Trust; in addition he is an advisor to the UKZN University’s Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre and an Honorary Director of the 1860 Heritage Centre in Durban. In the field of heritage protection, advancement and collection, he has made a major contribution as one of the founders of the Indian Documentation and Cultural Centre (Durban), the Tamil Information and Cultural Centre and the 1860 Heritage Centre. As the community appointed Chair of the Steering Committee for the restitution of the Indian Documentation Centre, he persevered over 7 years to have the institution reopened in 2014.


Juggie served as an education planner for technology (TV, Computers and Media in Education and Training) in the Indian Education Dept. and lectured part-time at M.L. Sultan Technical College, Springfield College of Education and University of Durban Westville both at the diploma, BEd and Masters levels in Media and Technology in Education and Training.

His work in the community of Clairwood and Chatsworth stretches from 1955. In this year he and his friends just out of high school received a sponsorship to build a three-classroom school in Whitehall Place, Clairwood South to accommodate children who were roaming the streets.


One thought on “Juggie Pather. PhD. Author Profile

  1. Congratulation to Dr.Pather, at last Clairwood is back on the Map,
    I have been a Resident from 1953 to 1961,thereafter moved to Merebank
    I remember the Rani Theatre,Clairmont Hotel,Sirdar Road and Jacobs Road Temple and the St.Anthonys Church,Dr.Pather is correct in saying that we all lived together as combinerd community,and assisted
    many many.I started as a Paper Seller.As I took a drive in and around Clairwood,emotions ran high.
    Andhra Hall,MOON Hotel,and two well known doctors Dr.Karrim and Dr.Babool,
    Paruks Corner was well known for the Fafi Runners.Not far was Clairwood Taxis
    I can go on but Dr.Pather has covered

    Yes there were many Stalwarts in Clairwood


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