Michael Henry : Article from THE DRUM April 22, 1974 by Farook Khan

Michael Henry was a man about town. Life was just one big spree. He was a natty dresser … He was a way out swinger. Then he suddenly changed, discarding his … life style, picked up a Bible and squared up with the “devil” Now after 10 years on the road and an open invitation to America; Michael Henry is on the way of becoming one of South Africa’s top evangelists.
He is only 30, slightly built with neat short hair and sports a winning smile. Michael Henry is committed his life to spreading the Gospel.
He was born in a humble Christian Indian home in a remote village in the North Coast. Michael Henry was attracted to the bright lights of Durban. Then he quit the scene and nobody knew exactly why? …his former friends were shocked into disbelief. But some threw their hands in the air and said; Hallelujah our Henry is a man of God. Why Michael Henry? Why the change? Where had he been for all these 10 years? These were some of the questions his pals were asking. So when Michael Henry started His: Miracle Revival Crusade” for two weeks run in Durban his tent was packed to capacity every night. Outside was his modest car, a caravan and an 8 to truck.
On stage was a group of three with electric guitars playing soft music. They stopped and song master Jacob Isaac came forward.
Everybody rose and began singing with a rock beat. Songs like “Praise Him, Praise Him, Power and when the spirit of the Lord moves in my heart”
When that was done, a youngster took the mike and confessed that he had been a rascal and he was a nice lad now. Then came a big burley fellow who had been a bully in the southern suburb of Durban, who said he had been “saved” by Brother Henry. Old women came up too and confessed their sins and asked God for forgiveness.
Then came Brother Henry with an open Bible in one hand. His topic that night was “Repentance”. He started slowly then his voice grew louder. When he finished preaching he asked for converts and they came forward and they came in droves.
DRUM later approached him and Michael Henry spoke about his missing 10 years for the first time. He scratched the back of his head looked at the ground and with a smile he said; “Well, it started way back in 1961.
It was my mother who took me along to listen to an American preacher, Don Northrup, at Clayton Gardens in Durban. He continued; I did not go in but stood at the entrance. The preacher spoke about the “King of the Underworld” He was referring to Satan. Don Northrup spoke about his own life …. I realized my life was similar. I had everything, but yet I felt empty. I cried a lot that night and when the preacher called for converts; I went forward and did not look at my old life style again, he said.
He quit his job, picked a bible and carrying a small suitcase he went from church to preach. Then he met and married his attractive wife Glory Priscilla. He joined the South African Evangelistic Mission.
In 1967 he went to Lourenco Marques and worked among the poor. He returned to South Africa and decides to start his own campaign. “I pitched a tent just outside Durban and had my first meeting. The Lord was kind to me; people stood shoulder to shoulder to hear my message.” He said.
It was now 1971 and Michael Henry met Rev. Don Northrup again. It was a warm reunion and the American was really pleased Michael Henry recalled. He then started his own Miracle Revival Crusade with three other young men who threw who threw up their jobs to spread the Gospel.
“There have been a number of times when gangs come to our tents and start trouble.” He said. They accused me of being possessed by demons and that I was working against their religions. But, thank the Lord I was never hurt.” He said.
It was in Durban that Sister Mabel Allan of Santa Anna, California met Michael Henry. After seeing him in action, she invited him to preach in America.
As we left Michael Henry raised his hands and shouted: “Hallelujah. Amen. Praise the Lord”


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